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Bambooroo | JUNE 2012
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We are inviting Architects, design professionals, students and general bamboo enthusiasts to attend the international bamboo construction workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Through designing and building with bamboo, we can create a living, breathing architecture that is rapidly renewable and that responds to the needs of contemporary culture, and the holistic habitation of mother earth. This combined ‘theoretical’ and ‘hands-on’ workshop, verbally and physically demonstrates to the participant the architectural concepts and techniques applied in bamboo construction.

Main Themes

  • Bamboo Structural Concepts
  • Hyperbolic cylinders
  • Woven structural forms
  • Modern bamboo Joinery and Unions
  • Rope and lashing techniques
  • Lifting and erection techniques
  • Bamboo Harvesting and Preservation
  • Bamboo Anatomy & Species familiarisation
  • Adobe brick production and application
  • Ecological architectural concepts

JUNE- 4th – 7th. 2012


Pong Nam Duet hot Springs.
Eco-Park Papae.- www.greenlivingpapae.com

Getting there
Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination with many airlines providing cheap flights daily to the Thai cultural capital. For those who arrive from international ports to Bangkok, you can easily purchase domestic ticket to Chiang Mai with Bangkok Air at the ticket counter for 2300 Thai baht ($75USD). BKK-CNX is an 1 hour flight. *Air Asia are now offering cheap direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore to Chiang Mai

$ 600 USD
Costs include 4 nights accommodation, delicious food, daily transport, English-Thai and English-Spanish Translations, bamboo plantation visit, seminar material, Bambooroo hat and MUCH MORE!!

Participants from abroad who find it difficult to make an international payment must confirm your reservation by emailing your flight itinerary to admin@bambooroo.com On Monday Afternoon at the registration you will be required to make the payment.

A maximum of 14 participants, will be able join this workshop event.

Bank account details
Account Name: Mark Emery
Account Address: 372 moo 3, tambon- Kilek, Amphur- Maerim
Country: Thailand
Account Number: 367-1-21209-1
Swift Code: SICOTHBK
Bank Name: AYUDAYA
Bank Branch: MAERIM


Mark Emery, (B.larch) “Nature’s curves -bamboo and organic architectural forms”
Australian Landscape Architect from UNSW will present the evolved concept of working with the natural curves of the bamboo pole as found in nature. Not all bamboo is straight, hence there is a need to forgo the idea that bamboo poles are straight elements. Working and designing with bamboo is much more pleasurable when an approach is informed by the characteristics of the raw material. This presentation is essential for architects and bamboo practitioner’s wanting to learn about the growth habits of the various South east Asian bamboo species so that we may design in accordance with these

Foeke Tiemsmenma, Dutch Architect (Academy of Architecture, Rotterdam) – “Bamboo and Earth Construction”
Dutch architect educated at the ‘Academy of Architecture’ in Rotterdam with experience in boat building and civil engineering. After 30 years of working with housing and office buildings, Foeke travelled to Thailand to explore the possibility of designing and building ecological architecture at his own Eco-Park in Papae, Chiang Mai. www.greenlivingpapae.com During this presentation Foeke will explain the theory and technical approach to earth and bamboo construction in the tropical environments with a scientific approach to thermal insulation. He will present new methods to construct elevated concrete slab constructions on top of bamboo column structural systems. Increasing the dead load can reduce affects by live loads and by using naturally constructed adobe brick constructions that also provide increased thermal mass to the bamboo dwelling and regulating your indoor environment.

Daily Routine
We start each day by explaining the work method with demonstrations of safe and efficient use power tools that you will work with during the day. After, you will be assigned into groups and begin the construction of the workshop exercises:

Workshop groups
You will be given the opportunity to get “hands-on” in your workshop team under the supervision of the master-craftsman whom will guide you through the construction exercise. After each session your team will be rotated to experience all of the exercises under-construction. To be hands-on is not an obligation, however there will be the opportunity to observe the process, make notes and discuss with master-builders and team members.

1. “Bundled Beams” Composite bamboo rings
2. “Laminated splits” reconstituted bamboo splits
3. “Adobe Brick Production” bamboo sound barrier,
4. “Chicken net” ‘Surface-active’ structural mesh from woven bamboo skins.
* The number of participant will define how many groups of 3 to 5 people can be formed.


Accommodation will be provided at “Pong Nam Duet Hotsprings” nearby to the eco-park. These large bungalows accommodate two people each with a double bed. Natural rock pool and a series of man made spa pools are available 24hr for guests and a great relaxation after a long day playing with bamboos.

Breakfast – Dinner
Breakfast and evening meals will be provided at the canteen within a short walking distance to your rooms. The canteen is within the same complex as the lecture theatre so one may take your time to digest your food, get to know your fellow participants, and generally talk shop- bamboo!

Lunch (1 ½ hours)
At lunch you will be treated like modern Thai monarchs with the best and tastiest thai cuisine has to offer. Our lovely Thai cooks will look after each participant with personal care to insure the best and healthiest alimentation is provided. All meals are included within the subscription fee.

Tea breaks (2x 20mins)
A hardworking participant builds a healthy appetite and requires continual injections of coffee, tea, drinks and snacks to get through the day. Tea breaks are also an opportunity for everyone to mix within the groups to see how the respective constructions are going.

Evening lectures
Of an evening, history and theory of bamboo design and construction will be covered in powerpoint presentations by architects and specialists showing built projects from Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, and Colombia. After which we will have time for questions, discussion, and a general exchange of ideas and design debates. Each evening a bamboo specialist shall present a powerpoint lecture to contribute to the knowledge base after which we will have time for questions and answers.

Plantation Visit
A visit to the bamboo plantation on the first morning will help us identify various South-East Asian bamboo species suitable for construction. Responsible clump management will be demonstrated to ensure that all participants are aware of the requirements of tropical bamboos to ensure best practice for the health and productivity of the bamboo grove.


Monday 4th of June

15.00: Registration @ “the Empress Hotel”
• Enrolment
• Personal introduction from each participant

16.00: Factory Introduction.
• Familiarisation of the anatomy of the bamboo culm, introduction of bamboo species of varying characteristics.
• Selection criteria for bamboo use, maturity, density, size, straightness, and colour.
• Preservation technique with salts of boron using the “horizontal submersion” for large scale and “Vertical Diffusion” for small cottage industry, and domestic use.
• Exploring the various drying and storage techniques.

17.00 Check-in @ “Pong Duet”
• Bungalow allocation.

18.00: Dinner @ “Pong Duet”
• A selection of thai dishes meat and vegetarian will be offered followed by traditional thai dessert.

Tuesday 5th of June.

08.00: Breakfast @ “Pong Duet”

10.00- 12.00 : Plantation Visit
• The bamboo clump examples of how bamboo grows in the wild.
• The planation and clump management- Tips how to control conditions for efficient culm growth.
• Species familiarisation.
• Harvesting the culm- “Listening to the culm,” and “Spotting the spots!”- tips for mature bamboo selection and sustainable harvesting.

12.00-12.30: –Workshop groups : Getting familiar with the long round pole
• Temporary and woven structures- Handling tips and group co-operation exercise.

12.30 Midday: Lunch @ “Eco-park” Papae
• A selection of thai dishes meat and vegetarian will be offered followed by traditional thai dessert.

13.30: Group Division and General Introduction
The function of the introduction is to discuss questions from the day before and to give the participants an idea of what will happen during the day. As all groups are required to hand over their project to the next team, an explanation is required so the next team can carry on with the job.

15.00: Workshop groups : Material Selection and Site preparation.
• Group 4. “Bundled Beams” Making formwork .
• Group 1. ““Laminated splits” Making splits.
• Group 2. “Adobe Bricks” soil medium mixture selection
• Group 3. “Chicken net” Making bamboo skin strips

18.00 Dinner @ “Pong Duet”

20.30: Evening Seminar:
• Mark Emery, “Natures Curves- Organic form with bamboo”

Wednesday 6th of June.

08.00: Breakfast @ “Pong Duet”

09.00: Daily Introduction
Groups rotate again to the next building exercise this moring a quick debriefing and of into the second day of group work.

10.00 : Workshop groups
• Group 3. “Bundled Beams”- Ring Production.
• Group 4. ““Laminated splits” Making template matrix.
• Group 1. “Adobe Bricks” -Brick production.
• Group 2. “Chicken net” -Weaving.

12.00 Midday: Lunch @ Eco-park Papae
• A selection of thai dishes meat and vegetarian will be offered followed by traditional thai dessert.

13.30: Workshop groups : Material Selection and Site preparation.
• Group 2. “Bundled Beams” – Ring Production .
• Group 3. ““Laminated splits” – Curved Beam Production.
• Group 4. “Adobe Bricks” – Brick Production.
• Group 1. “Chicken net” – Weaving.

16.30 – 17.00: Daily Wrap-up
The main point of the wrap up is to gather all the groups and to discuss what happened during the day. As many people are focussed on their groups construction exercise, it is important for everybody to know what happened in the other groups so that they understand all the exercises.

18.00 Dinner @ “Pong Duet”

20.30 Evening Seminar:
• Foeke Tiemensama, “Bamboo and Earth Construction”

Thursday 7th of June.

08.00: Breakfast @ “Pong Duet”

09.00: Daily Introduction
Today being the final day we will be at full speed with the workshop constructions. Everybody will be clearly briefed as we must move into high gear to complete and install the prefabricated constructions. This is always good fun!

10.00: Workshop groups : Material Selection and Site preparation.
• Group 1. “Bundled Beams” – Ring Production .
• Group 2. ““Laminated splits” – Curved Beam Production.
• Group 3. “Adobe Bricks” – Brick Production.
• Group 4. “Chicken net” – Weaving.

12.00 Midday: Lunch @ Eco-park Papae
• BBQ fish, Satay chicken, Kow sow soup, and sticky rice.

13.30- 17.30: Sleeping Pod installation.
As this structure is quite large we must all come together for this erection ceremony as many hands make light work. As a combined group, we will lift the sleeping pod into position with pulleys, winches and shear man-power. This is the climax moment for the workshop where we put to the test our skills and group co-ordination learnt in the previous 3 days off getting to know you team mates.

17.30: Group Photo.
Each participant shall receive a DVD with memories of the past days, and also a Certificate for completion of the workshop. Final evening we will join with finishing drinks.

18.00 Dinner @ “Pong Duet”

Leaving Party.
The final Hurrah with small snacks and drinks available for those wishing to celebrate your fine achievements with one another. The final night accommodation is included in your package so we recommend that we finish together on a high note and celebrate into the night.

Friday the 8th of June.

08.00: Breakfast @ “Pong Duet”

09.00: First bus back

11.00: Second bus back

12.00: Checkout