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Bambooroo | JANUARY 2013
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Architects, design professionals, tourism and corporate CSR programme managers, humanitarian aid and emergency relief accommodation specialists, students, IB school school education & CAS programme managers as well as ecological enthusiasts and proponents of responsible tourism – are invited to attend our ‘Bamboo and eco- design Workshops and Seminars’ conducted during the construction ‘Sanpathong Sustainable Agricultural Centre,’ Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Sanpathong Farm Stay property will host participants attending each of the 4 workshops and seminars conducted by Bambooroo in 2013. Profits will go towards the cost of ‘fittings and furnishings’ for the centre, a revolutionary design in bamboo funded by the progressive European tour operator KUONI Switzerland. Kuoni’s support is part of a wider initiative in partnership with VWB (Volunteers Without Borders) and local tour operator Track of the Tiger T.R.D. (Tourism Resources Development) in support of: responsible tourism and sustainable 2nd revenue stream development for tourism SME’s and the communities they work in.

The Sanpathong Sustainable Agriculture Centre aims to:

      • Re-introduce current and future generations of local farmers to sustainable small plot mixed agriculture – with direct market access- as an alternative to the mono-crop / chemical based option that has trapped them in a cycle of poverty for the last 50 years.


      • Increase productivity by introducing a ‘commercial’ version of His Majesty King Bhumipol of Thailand’s own ‘sufficiency economy farming model’.


    • Introduce a foreign investor /local sustainable farmer JV initiative that sees the local farmer generate enough income from a given plot of land to earn a good living and ‘buy’ the land back from the investor from profit shared earnings over a 10 year period. A win-win opportunity for both groups.

This combined ‘theoretical’ and ‘hands-on’ workshop verbally and physically demonstrate to the participants the architectural concepts and techniques applied in ecological construction, whilst giving participants the opportunity to be a part of the real construction of a bamboo mega-structure.

  • • Bamboo Structural Concepts.
  • • Modern bamboo Joinery and Unions.
  • • Bamboo Anatomy & Species familiarisation.
  • • Hyperbolic tower construction.
  • • Adobe earth construction and brick production.
  • • Rammed earth construction.
WHEN (Four workshop events)
      • JANUARY 8th – 12th( check in 8 Jan 2013 – Check out 12 Jan 2013)


      • JANUARY 22nd – 26th


      • FEBRUARY 5th – 9th


      • FEBRURAY 19th – 24th



The Sanpathong Farm Stay – CHIANG MAI. THAILAND


Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination with many airlines providing cheap flights to the Thai cultural capital. For those who arrive from international ports to Bangkok, you can easily purchase domestic ticket to Chiang Mai with Bangkok Air at the ticket counter for 2300 Thai baht ($75USD). BKK-CNX is an 1 hour flight. *Air Asia are now offering cheap direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore to Chiang Mai


Participants from abroad who find it difficult to make an international payment can confirm your reservation by emailing your flight itinerary to info@track-of-the-tiger.com. At registration on the first morning you will be required to make the payment.

A maximum of 25 participants, will be able join these workshop events Price includes:

      • Local travel (if required).


      • Accommodation (twin room) room ( 4 nights)


      • Meal ( Dinner = 4 , Lunch = 3, Breakfast = 4)


      • Bamboo grove visit.


      • Workshop material.


      • Bambooroo shirt and Hat.


      • Basic Thai tourism industry insurance cover


Account Name: Track of the tiger T.R.D. Co.,Ltd
Account Address: 53-59 Thapae Road,Tambon Changklan Amphur Maung, Chiang Mai.50100
Country: Thailand
Account Number: 251 310 067 3
Swift Code: BKK.B.T.HBK.
Bank Branch: THAPAE
Prices excludes: VAT (if you would like a tax receipt please add 7%

CONTACTS Thai: +66 53 801 257, 801 674 VWB- www.track-of-the-tiger.com BOOKING Email: info@track-of-the-tiger.com And we will send you a booking form.


Mark Emery, (B.larch) “Nature’s curves – Organic architectural forms”

Australian Landscape Architect will present the evolved concept of working with the natural curve of the bamboo pole as found in nature. “Not all bamboo is straight, hence we need to forgo the idea that bamboo is a homogenized building material”. Working and designing with bamboo is much more pleasurable when an approach is informed by the characteristics of the raw material. This presentation is essential for architects and bamboo practitioner’s wanting to learn about bamboo design fundamentals.

Education: Landscape Architect (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

Xavier Piño, (B.Arch) “Bamboo Mega structures ‘- Colombian Building Traditions.

Colombian architect with practical work history building bamboo structures from the South American bamboo species Guadua. Growing up in the Colombian countryside Pino was always impressed with the strength and durability of the local bamboo, structures supporting heavy roofs of concrete and spanish clay tiles. This permanance for the bamboo structure as expressed in the Colombian bamboo building tradition has inspired contemporary bamboo architects like fellow countryman Simon Velez, with his kiosks and countryside villas. Pino will explain the ‘Heavy roof’ approach to bamboo architecture and explain the different joinery methods required to withstand large loads.

Education: Architect (Popayan technical university, Colombia.


We start each day by explaining the work method with demonstrations of safe and efficient use power tools that you will work with during the day. After, you will be assigned into groups and begin the construction of the workshop exercises:

MAIN WORKSHOPS EXERCISES at Sanpathong Agricultural Centre:

JANUARY 8th – 12th 1. “Hyperbolic column ” Main structural column to support 2nd story platform.
JANUARY 22nd – 26th 2. “20 meter bamboo arches” ground prefabrication and lifting / installation techniques.
FEBRUARY 5th – 9th 1. “Fish belly truss skylight and laminated curved beams” ground prefabrication.
FEBRURAY 19th – 24th 1. “Earth and Bamboo construction” rammed earth and Adobe brick construction, Bamboo roofing techniques and laminated Beam install.

Workshop groups

You will be given the opportunity to get “hands-on” in your workshop team under the supervision of the master-craftsman who will guide you through the construction exercise. After each session your team will be rotated to experience all of the exercises under-construction. To be hands-on is not an obligation, however there will be the opportunity to observe the process, make notes and discuss with master-builders and team members.

Accommodation – Twin sharing

Accommodation will be provided at “The Sanpathong Farm Stay” onsite where the workshops and seminars will take place. Rooms with double beds or two singles beds can accommodate two people.

Breakfast – Dinner

Breakfast and evening meals will be provided at the Farm Stay Restaurant within a short walking distance to your rooms. The canteen is within the same complex as the lecture theatre so one may take your time to digest your food, get to know your fellow participants, and generally talk shop- bamboo!

Lunch (1 ½ hours)

At lunch you will enjoy the basic but authentic Thai cuisine renowned the world over. All meals are included within the subscription fee.

Tea breaks (2x 20mins)

A hardworking participant builds a healthy appetite and requires continual injections of coffee, tea, drinks and snacks to get through the day. Tea/coffee breaks are also an opportunity for everyone to mix within the groups to see how the respective constructions are going.

Evening lectures

Of an evening, history and theory of bamboo design and construction will be covered in power point presentations by architects and specialists showing built projects from Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, and Colombia. After which we will have time for questions, discussion, and a general exchange of ideas and design debates. Each evening a bamboo specialist shall present a power point lecture to contribute to the knowledge base after which we will have time for questions and answers.

Bamboo Grove Visit

A visit some local bamboo groves on the first morning will help us identify various South-East Asian bamboo species suitable for construction. Responsible clump management will be demonstrated to ensure that all participants are aware of the requirements of tropical bamboos to ensure best practice for the health and productivity of the bamboo grove.

PROGRAM – WORKSHOP 1- Hyperbolic Platform.
Tuesday 8th of January

• On your Arrival – Transfer to Sanpathong
• Room allocation.
• Dinner at Sanpathong.

Wednesday 9th of January

08.00: Breakfast at Sanpathong Farm Stay

09.00: Registration at Sanpathong Farm Stay
• Enrolment
• Personal introduction from each participant

10.00- 12.00 : Plantation Visit
• The bamboo clump examples of how bamboo grows in the wild.
• The planation and clump management- Tips how to control conditions for efficient culm growth.
• Species familiarisation.
• Harvesting the culm- “Listening to the culm,” and “Spotting the spots!”- tips for mature bamboo selection and sustainable harvesting.

12.00: Lunch at Sanpathong Farm Stay

14.00: Factory Introduction – Factory visit “Bambooroo Factory”
• Familiarisation of the anatomy of the bamboo culm, introduction of bamboo species of varying characteristics.
• Selection criteria for bamboo use, maturity, density, size, straightness, and colour.
• Preservation technique with salts of boron using the “horizontal submersion” for large scale and “Vertical Diffusion” for small cottage industry, and domestic use.
• Exploring the various drying and storage techniques.

18.00: Dinner at Sanpathong
• A selection of thai dishes meat and vegetarian will be followed by traditional thai dessert.

Thursday 10th of January

08.00: Breakfast at Sanpathong Farm Stay

9.00-12.30: –Daily Introduction, Group Division – work starts!
• Group 1. “Pole selection and preparation” Pole familiarisation
• Group 2. “Scaffolding ” Instruction on how to make correct tourniquet joinery for bamboo scaffolding
• Group 3. “Pole Placement” Pre-selected poles inserted onto footings

12.30 Midday: Lunch at Sanpathong Farm Stay
• A selection of Thai dishes meat and vegetarian

13.30: Workshop groups continued:
• Group 1. “Cross cutting columns to Length” using the cut list.
• Group 2. “Fishmouth joints” Primary Joinery method with hole saw/chisel.
• Group 3. “Pole Placement” Pre-selected poles inserted onto footings

18.00 Dinner at Sanpathong Farm Stay

20.30: Evening Seminar:
• Mark Emery, “Natures Curves- Organic architecture”

Friday 11th of January

08.00: Breakfast at Sanpathong Farm Stay

09.00: Daily Introduction
Groups rotate exercises again after a quick debriefing. The final day of the workshop we are at full speed installing the columns to the primary steel ring structure.

10.00 : Workshop groups

• Group 1. “Fish mouth joints” Primary Joinery method continued.
• Group 2. “Mortar grouting ” Instruction on how to make correct mortar injections for bamboo joinery.
• Group 3. “Crossing bamboos” Stud bolts used to lock and secure Hyper tower.

12.00 Midday: Lunch at Sanpathong Farm Stay
• A selection of Thai dishes meat and vegetarian will be offered followed by traditional Thai dessert.

13.30: Workshop groups: Material Selection and Site preparation.
• Group 1. “Mortar grouting ” Instruction on how to make correct mortar injections for bamboo joinery.
• Group 2. “Crossing bamboos” Stud bolts used to lock and secure hyper tower.
• Group 3. “Fish mouth joints” Primary joinery method continued.

18.00 Dinner at Sanpathong Farm Stay

20.30 Evening Seminar:
• Xavier Piño- “The Colombian bamboo building tradition” Presentation about the evolution of Colombian bamboo architecture.

18.00 Finishing Party at Sanpathong Farm Stay

Saturday the 12th of January.

08.00: Breakfast at Sanpathong Farm Stay

12.00: Checkout.