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Bright Products is a Norwegian company on a mission to light up the world through smart, simple and sustainable power solutions. Our vision is “A world where people see new possibilities”, a vision deeply embedded in our product development strategy and present in our constant search for innovative customers, partners and employees.

Our products are carefully engineered and tested to meet the universal human needs for good light for different purposes, and the equally universal need for mobile phone charging and possibility to connect with the world. In close partnership with good suppliers and production partners, we aim to deliver products with the technology and quality to last for years. Our core market is the 1,3 billion people living without access to electricity in Africa, Asia and South America, and among them, the millions of refugees and displaced people depending on Aid & Relief organizations.

Since the SunBell and SunTurtle were first launhced in May 2014, BRIGHT has delivered more than 230.000 solar lamps, reaching over 1 million people across the world and resulting in improved family economy, education, health and safety.


Ecobamboo was established in 2004 and shaped by experienced profesionals. It is committed to forest- and agro-industrial development, focussing on Bamboo as a “Non Wood-Forest Product” an its transformation into standarized and marketable elements for furniture and construction industry.


Giant Grass we specialise in creating bamboo products and structures. Our main intention is to foster the use of this structurally high-performing, low-cost and ecologically sustainable material in design industry.


This is a project for people who recognise the importance of nature and look for a more meaningful way of living than just a luxury lifestyle


Expert in promoting, growing, producing and exporting bamboo poles from Central America.


Nomadic Resorts is a design cooperative featuring a core team of an architect, tent technician, interior designer, a team of low carbon engineers and a landscape designer who have worked on numerous luxury hotel projects.

Our manufacturing and installation team have installed over 600 000 m2 of tensile membrane on hundreds of projects across the world and have an excellent understanding of the types of membranes that can be used in different conditions.


The Onyx project was launched in 2007. The main purpose is to create furniture designs and promote the use of renewable materials and ecofriendly techniques.


Soneva Kiri has been meticulously created to deliver the same exacting high standards as our world-renowned sister resorts, Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili.


The World Bamboo Organization is a diverse group consisting of individual people, commercial businesses, non-profit associations, institutions, and allied trade corporations that all share a common interest = BAMBOO. The purpose of the WBO is to improve and promote this common interest, as well as the conditions affecting, and the industry surrounding, this common interest. We are dedicated to promoting the use of bamboo and bamboo products for the sake of the environment and economy.