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Bambooroo | Bamboo Supplier
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  • Prices are based on the standard pole length of 6 meters
  • Shorted poles lengths of 3 and 4 meters are sold as a mix of culm bases and culm tops unless specified else wise
  • Longer poles up to 13.5 meters can be ordered.
  • Sizes range from 1-7 inches, always measuring from the base of the culm.
  • The poles are coded with colors for easy identification.
  • The poles are cut to 5.85m for container shipment.
  • Export orders minimum 1 x 20ft full container.




Common name: Black Bamboo
Culm: Thailands best small to medium diameter bamboo. Smooth skinned solid bamboo to 30cm and straight culm to 8m. Most regular and durable Thai bamboo.
Uses: Suited to furniture and interior decorative application due to smaller dimension, and solid nature. Architectural uses includes rafters, and bundling for structural beams.


Common names: Yellow Bamboo
Culm: Thailands most prolific bamboo. Slightly irregular culm with an attractive creamy yellow color once dried. Thick bases and becoming thinner after 4m.
Uses: Skin is extremely strong with high silica content- used for making baskets and woven goods. Poles are used for fencing decorative applications.


Common names: Grey Bamboo
Culm: The most beautiful smooth skinned giant Thai bamboo. Only found in the higher altitudes of Northern Thailand. Very straight culms to 15m.
Uses: Strong dense fiber and smooth skin makes this bamboo suitable for construction and furniture. Great for decorative strips, bamboo matts, and interior design.


Common name: Rough Bamboo
Culm: The mother of all South-east Asian giant bamboos. Rough exterior surface becoming smoother beyond 6m. Thick uniform wall. Many variations and phenotypes found across Asia that produce variable culm diameter from 2″- 20 inches.
Uses: Construction, column, beams, arches. The strongest Asian bamboo.