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Bambooroo design studio focuses on developing regionally responsive architecture celebrating the use of bamboo as an abundant, renewable, and extremely durable construction.


“Our clients either share our love for bamboo, or simply feel more comfortable and visually stimulated by a building constructed from this seductive organic material.”


Ecological architecture is dynamic in its response to the external climate and weather conditions. An eco-building is designed for use without a/c and adapts to seasonal modulation throughout the year. The pragramming interstitial space can also adapt to maximize indoor/outdoor living area and minimize energy consumption.


Having synchronicity with the local environment or ‘sense of place’ can increase the general health of a building and it’s inhabitants, nourished with adequate doses of natural-light, ventilation and views to living greenery.


Every project has its own unique history and a need to express the users of the space. By this, our designs are not over rationalized by only logical concerns of habitation; sleep, eat, work, play. Each building has soul and character, just as a child is born from the dreams of the client, thus there should be an expression and playfulness that elevates the hearts and minds of the user.


That being said, we do design practical, buildable buildings that can be partially prefabricated offsite so as to avoid complications with tradesmen not familiar with this irregular material. All bamboo is quality checked and immunized against borers and fungal attacks symptomatic of building in harsh tropical environments.